2004 NCAA Division III Women's Tennis Championships Singles and Doubles Brackets, Results, etc.


Gordon, Mary Ellen (Emory) def. Taylor, Jolyn (Emory)...... 6-4, 6-7(4), 7-5

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Gordon/Taylor (Emory) def. Moscato/Alberelli (Emory)...... 6-2, 6-1

Doubles Semi-Final #1
Doubles Semi-Final #2

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• Fri 5/14/04: Emory (National Champion) defeats Amherst, 5-0

Fri 5/14/04: Williams (3rd Place) defeats Washington & Lee, 5-4


• Thur 5/13/04: Emory defeats Washington & Lee, 5-0
Thurs 5/13/04: Amherst defeats Williams, 5-3


• Wed 5/12/04: Washington & Lee defeats Gustavus Adolphus, 5-3
Wed 5/12/04: Emory defeats Redlands, 7-0
Wed 5/12/04: Williams defeats Denison, 6-3
Wed 5/12/04: Amherst defeats Trinity, 6-0

Nat'l Champions: Emory Univ.
Nat'l Runner-Up: Amherst College

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2004 Division III Women's Tennis Championship Selections Announced

Indianapolis, IN---The NCAA has released the 2004 Division III Women's Tennis Championship Selections for individual singles and doubles competition (32 singles players and 16 doubles teams), as well as the 2004 NCAA Division III Women's Tennis Team Championship Bracket, which consists of 8 teams (the winners of this past weekend's regional championships). The selection of teams and individuals for the championships emphasizes in-region play based on head-to-head competition, won-lost record, strength of schedule, results against common opponents and teams, spring competition with an emphasis on late-season play, victories over student-athletes already selected for the championships, consistency of lineup, and eligibility and availability of student-athletes.

The 2004 Team Championship will be played at Rhodes College (Memphis, TN) between May 12-14, at Rhodes' Dunavant Tennis Center and also at the Racquet Club of Memphis. The individual singles and doubles competition will also be played at Rhodes College, between May 15-17.

Participating in the Team Championship will be Amherst (15-3), Denison (19-2), Emory (21-1), Gustavus Adolphus (25-7), Redlands (12-9), Trinity (TX) (10-9), Washington & Lee (23-3), and Williams (14-5).

INDIVIDUAL QUALIFIERS (alphabetical by name):
Carina Alberelli, Emory (17-4)
Ne'ko Browder, Washington (Maryland) (19-4)
Katie Frick, UC Santa Cruz (13-11)
Lauren Gerlach, Denison (15-7)
Kelly Glassburn, Ohio Wesleyan (13-3)
Stephanie Gong, Rhodes (18-4)
Mary Ellen Gordon, Emory (19-1)
Lindsay Hagerman, Washington and Lee (27-4)
Stephanie Hall, Williams (21-7)
Tristan Hedrick, Amherst (17-7)
Rachel Holt, Amherst (23-5)
Lauren Hom, Gustavus Adolphus (25-3)
Tara Houlihan, Gustavus Adolphus (16-5)
Kelli Howard, Pomona-Pitzer (18-5)
Sara Hughes, Colby (10-2)
Ashley Kriwinsky, Wheaton (Massachusetts) (23-2)
Jennifer Lejb, Tufts (14-4)
Jeannine Liang, Claremont-Mudd-Scripps (20-5)
Elizabeth Maclellan, Wheaton (Illinois) (26-3)
Julie Mallory, Williams (17-9)
Kristen McClung, Washington and Lee (20-6)
Jessica Nagasako, Claremont-Mudd-Scripps (16-9)
Kristen Raverta, Amherst (18-3)
Anjani Reddy, Swarthmore (25-3)
Jackie Ross, Middlebury (13-9)
Debbie Sharnack, Vassar (22-4)
Tatiana Steinberg, Redlands (18-5)
Jolyn Taylor, Emory (24-4)
Christin Tiegs, St. Benedict (31-4)
Caroline Tien, MIT (18-5)
Rebecca Watkins, Hardin-Simmons (15-6)
Lauren Willet, Sewanee (14-10)

INDIVIDUAL ALTERNATES (alphabetical by name):
Kacie Cook, Washington U. in St. Louis
Amelia Crace, Denison
Hayley Dittus, Trinity (Texas)
Paulette Hricko, Bowdoin
Mona Iyer, Carnegie Mellon
Jennifer Luten, Tufts
Megan Suarez, Trinity (Texas)

DOUBLES QUALIFIERS (alphabetical by school):
Rachel Holt/Tristan Hedrick, Amherst (16-5)
Jen Hansen/Becca Hunau, Cal Lutheran (20-4)
Sara Hughes/Allison Dunn, Colby (7-3)
Amelia Crace/Lauren Parsons, Denison (25-1)
Lauren Gerlach/Erin Coughlin, Denison (23-7)
Mary Ellen Gordon/Jolyn Taylor, Emory (20-1)
Margaret Moscato/Carina Alberelli, Emory (27-4)
Lyndsey Palen/Tara Houlihan, Gustavus Adolphus (17-7)
Kara Smiley/Lauren Hom, Gustavus Adolphus (26-4)
Rebecca Watkins/Nancy Chandler, Hardin-Simmons (18-3)
Whitney Henderson/Kelli Howard, Pomona-Pitzer (22-7)
Haley Dittus/Heather McGowan, Trinity (Texas) (17-6)
Jennifer Luten/Jennifer Lejb, Tufts (13-7)
Ne'ko Browder/Shoko Nakamura, Washington (Maryland) (19-4)
Lindsay Hagerman/Ginny Wortham, Washington and Lee (16-2)
Stephanie Hall/Kate Troy, Williams (24-6)

DOUBLES ALTERNATES (alphabetical by school):
Kristan Raverta/Wallis Molchen, Amherst
Jackie Ross/Sandy Spring, Middlebury
Laura Hoffmeister/Hennessy Howell, Rhodes
Katie Frick/Sara Moslen, UC Santa Cruz

In last year's championship, Mary Ellen Gordon and Jolyn Taylor of Emory defeated Haley Heathman and Liz Bondi of DePauw (6-3, 6-2) to earn the 2003 Women's Tennis Doubles title. The singles final was an Emory-Emory matchup, featuring junior Mary Ellen Gordon, who bested freshman teammate Jolyn Taylor, 6-4, 6-1. It was the first time in NCAA Division III women's tennis history that teammates competed for the singles title.

Rhodes College to Host NCAA Division III
Women's Tennis Championships

Memphis, TN---Rhodes College has been selected to host the 2004 NCAA Division III Women's Tennis Championships in May 2004. The competition will take place May 12-17, 2004, at Rhodes' Dunavant Tennis Center and also at the Racquet Club of Memphis.

"It's an honor for Rhodes to host such a prestigious event," commented Head Tennis Coach Sarah Hatgas. "We're excited about having the top teams, individuals, and doubles players in Division III compete in Memphis and at Rhodes."

The NCAA Division III Women's Tennis Championships will be the first NCAA national championship event held at Rhodes College. According to Rhodes' Director of Athletics Mike Clary, "we enjoy hosting events and our staff is looking forward to the challenge of providing the athletes, coaches, and fans a week of tennis they'll never forget."

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